Aircraft Leasing, Trading Support & New Aircraft

Commercial aircraft always need to be in premium condition but change hands up to four times in their lifetime. Over this long period of varying changes its important to keep on top of all possible problems that can arise and to quickly resolve any issues that do come to light.

To this end we offer a full package that can deal with any possible problem in one cohesive package, be that for lessors, banks or airlines themselves.

When an aircraft changes hands, or if a new aircraft is delivered, we can be on hand to inspect the aircraft and help with all necessary paperwork and documentation.

Aircraft Transition

When an aircraft changes hands we’re there to provide a smooth and trouble-free transition between owners. We will have people on hand to inspect the aircraft and identify any signs of worry, helping to remedy anything and providing support with legalities and paperwork.

Interim Support and Remarketing

Providing parking, storage and operating as a temporary interim operator – we’ll make sure that transition is smooth.

Aircraft Part Out

When the time comes to retire an aircraft, there is still the opportunity to profit. With our help you can ensure your retired aircraft becomes a source of valuable assets rather than a problem to be disposed of.

Aircraft Transition

We will be on hand to check and inspect the aircraft, support with any necessary paperwork and documentation – all from one of our facilities located all over the globe.

Technical & Operational Support

From refurbishments to replacements – we can inspect an aircraft from nose to tail, recommending and providing any necessary parts for maintenance to improvement.

Aircraft Assessment

With a team of experts on hand we are perfectly placed to assess the potential future profitability of an aircraft as well as closely inspecting its technical aspects, documentation and any installed modification to ensure that only an aircraft of the highest standard is changing hands.