OEM Partnerships

The AeroShop mission is to provide our clients with exactly the service they require. We will not compromise quality for expediency. The price we quote is the price you pay. That's guaranteed. The delivery date we quote is the date you receive it at your desired delivery point.AeroShop never deals in non-OEM parts. We are aware of our responsibilities as far as aviation safety is concerned. They are our highest priority.

Great things in business are never accomplished by one person, they are a result of teamwork. The ultimate expression of teamwork is the partnership between two companies to enhance the customer experience.

AeroShop.com provides a dedicated Sales, Marketing, and Services channel for Original Equipment Manufacturers directly to Airlines and Aircraft Maintenance Organisations. Within the modern digital electronic airline industry, quick response to a component requirement is required and by means of the AeroShop.com website. Such a service is provided by means of dedicated AeroShop.com structures in real time 24 Hours every day. The AeroShop.com team ensure a quick and efficient just in time component supply service compliant to relevant ISO standards.

AeroShop has 192 distribution centres around the world supplied direct from the warehouse.

How does AeroShop.com provide a quick and efficient service?

Our website search engine links directly with component descriptions and part numbers. It will show to the customer: price & delivery, the status of their account and status of their order live in real time online.AeroShop.com team ensures the response time stated online, part despatch & delivery through our distribution courier partner. Our admin team ensure that the component price and availability online is live, current and traceable at all times.

AeroShop.com will increase and improve Original Equipment part sales.

AeroShop.com has a dedicated sales team that will target sales of OEM specific product to their specific end users.


An Airframe type specific component will be marketed directly to operators of that Airframe type, ie: B737-800 part to B737-800 operators. OEM’s can also specify markets for AeroShop.com to focus on, by area and operator, and also sales markets to be excluded from.

Are OEM sales by AeroShop.com measurable and traceable?

AeroShop.com has integrated software reporting that can show what component, how many and to whom it was sold. This is also for Warranty purposes and traceability. The reports function will monitor and enable increased service levels in specific areas on specific components. This will enable stock level and requirement forecasts to the OEM based on past and current history.