Parts Repair & Exchange Service

We understand the urgency when your production line goes down; when there’s a maintenance issue or when you need to get a new part for an ageing system. You don’t need to dream about the complexities of installing new software because our support team will be on hand to deal with any problem that arises.

Our technical support team comprises qualified, experienced engineers and experts. As a valued customer, you’ll be extremely satisfied with our above industry norm swift response times helping you address and resolve major issues before they become mission critical.

We also offer a wide range of customised and flexible colutions focussed around our customer’s many and varied needs. Repair services can include:

  • Fixed pricing repair agreement
  • Time and material repair
  • Exchange pool for your most necessary items
  • Warranty repair on all parts

Proactive diagnosis and repair of problems is the nature of our business, 24/7/365, wherever in the world you are.