Repair & Overhaul

In order to maintain safe and effective engineering, top quality repair and overhaul have become a business priority. AeroShop provides a one-stop-shop that meets all our customer’s needs.

Beyond repair services we also offer both upgrades and retrofitting. Whichever approach you choose to or need to take, AeroShop will be on hand to ensure that your parts are delivered swiftly and are ready to install.

Our services covers Astronautics, Honeywell BGA, Telephonics, United Instruments and Garmin. By working alongside these providers and with our dedicated global teams – we have been able to build a cohesive system that benefits our customers by providing timely repairs at the most opportune moments.

We also act as an authorized repair center for the following OEMs to support the aftermarket. We’ve been able to build a solid in-house infrastructure, utilising partnerships to build value-added-in-house repair services and repairs through these selective partnerships:

  • Holmberg GmbH
  • Siemens Fire Safety
  • Ultra Electronics Ltd, Controls Div.
  • Wittenstein
  • Cassidian Airborn Solutions
  • Stelia Seats