AOG Services

AeroShop offers 24/7 AOG (Aircraft on Ground) service 365 days of the year. We understand that when because business hours finish – your organization doesn’t. With us you enjoy easy access to expert assistance to advice and receive orders, pick, package and deliver parts and provide seamless processes so that your aircraft stays grounded for as little time as possible.

We boast a massive global network and operating system that means we’re fast, responsive and effective. Whether it’s a window fitting or a tail fin, we can charter a flight to you with the spares readily available so that you can take off again as quickly as possible.

Benefits include

Speedy response

  • 24/7 service is available all over the world so there’s always someone ready to jump into action to help you out.

Personal account manager

  • A dedicated member of our team is on hand to ensure your needs are met and that we can deliver the service you require at any point, any time.

Cost efficiency

  • Thanks to the size of our organisation you can be assured of receiving great carrier rates whether we’re transporting jet engines or seating trays.

Aircraft choice

  • Our catalogue overs over 50,000 aircraft and more than 130 types of aircraft, so we’ll always have what you’re looking for.

OBC Service

  • Thanks to careful and extensive documentation, our on board couriers are able to fly anywhere in the world to do business as soon as you need them with no bureaucratic hold ups.

Experiences OBCs

  • Over 80% of our courier workforce hold Gold or Platinum status - indicating the many years of experience each one of them brings to our business proceedings, bringing with it increased baggage allowances, priority boarding, late check in and premium seat reservations.