Dedicated Inventory

We utilise local warehouses, stocked with vital parts, to ensure on-time delivery. If anything within your operation ever goes wrong – and that’s a risk you need to be aware of - we hold your essential inventory close to hand with high availability. Many items can be rushed to you the same day.

Using our annual blanket order facility, we secure your inventory of replacement parts, spare parts and other items you need, with the bonus advantage of Just-In-Time delivery.

How we improve your supply chain

  • Optimised replenishment of your most frequently ordered parts
  • Keep you abreast with orders and consumption electronically
  • Auto-refill inventory levels judged by your rate of consumption, agreed with you
  • Prevent excess of stock and loss of stock
  • Forecast yearly stock so your parts are always ready to hand
  • Continually improving service and customer support
  • Reduce the cost of replenishment systems
  • Immediate access to your needed parts