C.E. Conover has been making high quality seals since the 1940’s, beginning with the aerospace industry. Formerly Reliable Rubber Products, C.E.Conover has evolved from focusing primarily in the aerospace industry to a full service sealing solutions company with a full research and development lab to help our clients in multiple industries obtain exactly what they need. Now, in addition to O-Rings, C.E. Conover supplies many industries with hundreds of products manufactured from both standard and proprietary materials. We supply tubing, connectors, sealing rings, spring activated seals, and a host of other products used by food manufacturing, transportation, petrochemical, water and sewage treatment, semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and other industries. While many of our contracts prevent us from mentioning names, suffice it to say, we’ve been to the moon, helped you fill your car with gas, kept contaminants out of your drinking water, and even helped with the food on your table. Closeup of ruffled American flag In short, C.E. Conover products are used in virtually every area of life. All products manufactured by C.E. Conover are made at our Bensalem facility in the United States

Brand Products

C12E1B-221N-01AeroShop C.E.CONOVER AND CO
Part Number:C12E1B-221N-01
CEC401-114-02AeroShop C.E.CONOVER AND CO
Part Number:CEC401-114-02
CEC401-213-01AeroShop C.E.CONOVER AND CO
Part Number:CEC401-213-01
CEC401-335-01AeroShop C.E.CONOVER AND CO
Part Number:CEC401-335-01
CEC401-337-01AeroShop C.E.CONOVER AND CO
Part Number:CEC401-337-01
CEC4981-014AeroShop C.E.CONOVER AND CO
Part Number:CEC4981-014
CEC4981-344-10AeroShop C.E.CONOVER AND CO
Part Number:CEC4981-344-10
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